Thurman et al.

Thurman et al. connect ∼580,000 distal DHSs with their target promoters, revealing systematic pairing of different classes of distal DHSs and specific promoter types. Patterning of chromatin accessibility at many regulatory regions is organized with dozens to hundreds of co-activated elements, and the transcellular DNase I sensitivity pattern at a given region can predict cell-type-specific functional behaviours.

Thurman, R. E., Rynes, E., Humbert, R., Vierstra, J., Maurano, M. T., Haugen, E., ... & Stamatoyannopoulos, J. A. (2012). The accessible chromatin landscape of the human genome. Nature, 489(7414), 75-82.

As there was no source code available for Thurman et al., we integrated the predicted loops from these published papers, and no upload options for the algorithm.


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